Choosing a Probiotic

Choosing a Probiotic

Three key things to consider

Have you purchased a probiotic lately? If so, you know there are a lot of probiotic products to choose from. All the possible choices can make it hard to figure out which probiotic product is right for you. To help in your decision, consider the following when choosing a probiotic:

Look for a probiotic that survives stomach acid
By design, the low pH level of the stomach is a harsh environment for bacteria, including the good bacteria found in probiotics. When buying a probiotic, consider a product that survives stomach acid and delivers the good bacteria to the intestines where they’re needed most.

Look for probiotics that guarantee potency through expiration date
Some probiotic products claim to have a certain potency (measured in colony forming units or CFUs), but after further investigation of the label it's discovered that the potency noted on the product is the potency at the time the product was manufactured. Unfortunately, the actual potency at the end of shelf life may be much lower than the so-called "advertised" potency. Therefore, be sure to read the labels carefully and only select those products that guarantee the potency of the product to the time of expiration.

Find the probiotic that fits your needs
From gender to age specific formulas, more and more supplements, including probiotics, are being formulated to address specific needs and age groups. These various probiotic formulas can help support unique women's needs, the natural decline of bifidobacteria that comes with age or simply offer a higher potency probiotic for those wanting more live cultures in their probiotic.

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